Keyboard volume keys for Spotify


I bought Equalify just to save my prefered output device (feature that spotify don’t have). It’s great! But on Windows, I use other device as default and the problem is: when I use my keyboard to change the volume, it changes the Windows default device volume. Would be great if Equalify intercepts keyboard volume keys and change Spotify volume (BUT ONLY WHEN PLAYING A SONG - not stopped or paused) instead of changing my default Windows device volume… Please make this happen! Then Equalify will be perfect and will solve all my problems with Spotify. Thanks!!


I have had this same problem forever, but I just lived with it. I don’t get why Spotify doesn’t have built in volume control shortcut keys. I would assume the EQ could handle this since it does have the gain slider. In all honesty Gain and Volume are two different things I think (Actually I think they might be the same but different if you naw mean.=)


yeah… I don’t even want to edit shortcut keys, I just want Spotify to take control of my keyboard multimedia keys (specifically the volume keys) when playing a song… would be nice if Equalify had this option. I like to play games when listen to music, and every time I want to change the music volume, not the game or system volume.


any news about this? :frowning:
autohotkey is not working anymore when spotify is minimized… if equalify adds just a feature to set hotkeys… I just want to change the music volume while I’m gaming… thanks