Keep needing to deactivate previous license to use equalify

Problem description:
Everytime I shut down my pc and turn it on the next day and open up spotify, equalify keeps saying that my license is not valid. I tried deactivating and reactivating like 4 times, and it will work for the time I have the PC on, up until I turn it off and open it back up again. I saw somewhere that we can’t do this an unlimited number of times, and this is starting to get annoying. I really want this to work without having to deactivate the license and reactivate again.

Operating system:

Spotify version

Any special software you might have installed:
I use Discord, Razer Synapse, and Logitech Gaming Software

If I am correct and @Notrace can confirm or deny, but Equalify patch 1.1.0 will fix this bug/glitch.

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oh ok, thank god. thank you for this reply

I can confirm that this issue will be gone from the 1.1 update. Had to re-code a huge chunk of the license system to fix this annoying bug that affected a tiny percentage of the users. Due to the massive re-coding it will have to be beta tested before an official release. I’m in the process of finalizing the beta version now :slight_smile:

Pay attention to the Announcement category to see when the beta is available. I would love if you could help test it as you are one of the people that has the issue!

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