Just Registered, License already in use

Problem description:
I have just registered on the website, And wanted to use Equalify however im getting a message saying my license is already in use.

The Pinned topic “License already activated on another computer” didn’t help as it does not show me any active licenses.

Operating system:
Windows 10

Onboard Realtek - MSI X99A SLi Plus

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
Latest from the homepage.

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
Voicemeeter Banana

Hello. Registering an account is not enough. You also have to pay for a license, Equality pro is not free software.

Once you pay for a license you will be able to activate.

Ohh… Well my bad then. :joy:

Thanks for the answer! :smile:

Also, if you want to use the device changer with voicemeeter you should also follow the instructions in this thread to make sure everything works: Voicemeeter / Device changer not work

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