Issue loading Equalify with Spotifys hardware acceleration enabled

Problem description:
Spotify do not start

Operating system:


Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
You will find the version info in Settings->About

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
ie. Razer Gamebooster or Cortex

Equalify pro works fine with Spotify

I would need some more details about what happens when you try to start Spotify to be able to help.

You can try removing the %appdata%/Equalify folder before starting Spotify, (make a backup of the equalify2.eq file if you have custom presets you want to keep)

After removing the folder and starting spotify, do you get the login screen ?

I removed the folder, but same problems, Spotify, open and then close, but the service is still running.
If I de-install EP Spotify works again

Well I managed to fix the problem, doing the following:

  1. Remove Spotify and Eqaulify.
  2. Reinstall both
  3. Start Spotify, without playing (= crash)
  4. Spotify preferences, advanced settings: disable hardware acceleration
  5. Stop and start Spotify
  6. It was now possible to register Equalify
  7. Re-activate hardware acceleration

Soundcard used Akai Eie Pro WDM 2.9.64 or Realtek optical output to external sound system.


Thats amazing. I would never even have thought of trying to disable hardware acceleration, and thanks for posting a detailed description of what you did to get it working again.

I can not understand why HW acc. would have anything to do with with the EQ, it shouldn’t.
Could it be that it just needed to wait a while before you hit play, and that HW acc. was not the cause ?

I have never been able to replicate this startup crash issue on any of my test machines, or on any of my tester teams machines. So i would love if you could do a little more testing.

Could you please try replicating the behavior ?

  1. Shut down spotify and back up your %appdata%/equalify folder
  2. Delete the %appdata%/equalify folder and restart spotify
  3. Start spotify. Try waiting a minute before playing a song(to see if thats it)
  4. If waiting doesn’t work, try disabling the HW Acc. again and see if that works.
  5. If none of the options work use the Equalfy folder backup to get everything back to how it was before this test.
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This worked for me too! Headache now gone! Thanks!


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