Is there anyway to automatically switch presets based on music genre?

Im looking for a way to automatically switch preset based on music genre. Is it possible to do this with Equalify pro?


Equalify does not have access to what song you are playing or what genre it is.
Spotify keeps removing all the ways to get that info reliably, there are “workarounds” but we can not add a feature that is likely going to stop working at a random time every time we try to re-implement it.

So unfortunately Equalify can not do this.

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Could you use Windows build in “now playing” type system? What kind of information would that allow you to access? At the very least it may be possible to use third party API/database to get the genre of a song by looking up its name?
(what it looks like on Windows 11)

From what i can tell the windows now playing thing is pretty unreliable, sometimes it shows whats paused on youtube while spotify is playing music, or the other way around.

I could make a system where the user has to log in with their spotify username and password and give Equalify access to their account to get the information from the spotify servers, but i would prefer equalify to have as little access to user data and info as possible.

Equalify was meant to be an advanced parametric equalizer with all the options that includes. Switching presets on song/album/genre changes was never really in scope for what Equalify was trying to solve.

I understand its something a few people want though, so maybe there will be an optional “experimental” plug-in that will add that functionality in the future. As an optional and experimental plug-in i can use some of the “workaround” methods of getting the data i need, and it wouldnt be a big deal if spotify removed them.

I do not see it being part of the base equalizer though.