Is there any way to reuse the same key on a computer that is deepfreezed at school?

I am useing a school computer that is deep freezed and that means every day the computer starts like i never used it my school has that to keep the computer clean but would that mean it would use up more than one activation for my equalify even though i have 200 keys i would still like to know because then i can just deactivate the key it uses at the end of each day. Thanks in advance

@Notrace Will give more insight but I believe an activation is considered as a new motherboard…If as long as you don’t change computers and the motherboard stays the same it shouldn’t count as another key. Please don’t take what I say as Gospel. Notrace, the Developer, Will give more insight when he gets a chance.

Maybe there could be a way to install Spotify and Equalify Pro as a portable version on a flash drive?

well I have Spotify portable but you cant install equalify to it because it makes no app data folder at all so I have to use normal Spotify and install it then equalify maybe Notrace could get a Spotify portable and just add equalify to it and us equalify people can just use that Spotify and have equalify faster

Hey @thayes2

As long as its the same machine with the same hardware and its reset to the same condition every day it will only use one activation… Every time you log in with Equalify it will just download the existing key that matches that hardware configuration instead of generating a new key/re-activating.

So in short logging in again on the same computer that has all the same settings and hardware should not use extra activations! :slight_smile:

For a portable version of Equalify you could just install Equalify to the same folder as your portable Spotify version. The only problem with that would be that you wouldn’t be able to keep any of your EQ settings as that is saved in the %appdata%/equalify folder. And you would have to log in every time to get the key/activation.

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