Is there a trial version?

Hi, is it possible to get a trial version? It’s not like I’m gonna spend money on software that I don’t even know if I need.

There is no trial or demo version available at the moment.

If you want an equalizer for spotify or you want to change the output of spotify without changing the output of everything else, you’d want/need Equalify Pro.


Here is a better question what do you need it for?

Ten bucks for an equaliser is is far too much, considering the alternatives. But I would gladly pay them if there was a 3 days license or something like that I could use for testing it. No way I’m gonna give you ten bucks without a trial first. It’s nonsense

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Let’s just say it works, and it works well, there is a video on it if you would like to see a version which is slightly old but still has the majority of the major features.

I totaly understand and support the demand for a trial.
I’m looking for an equalizer too and I tried the APO equalizer first.
Sadly it sounds awful and produces distortions even if i lower the general input signal.
I’m glad that it is free to use.
I don’t want to pay for a product without knowing if it works propperly.
A onetime 30 minuits trial would be completly sufficent. (or even 10 Minuits)

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If it doesn’t meet your needs don’t hesitate to request a refund here on the forums.


I think even for a few hours of trial would suffice, so we could say “ok, my computer/soundcard supports it, eq options work as intended, I can purchase it without a doubt”.

Actually I was thinking of buying the Equalify product but since is it a little bit expensive for our country’s standarts (minimum wage in Turkey is below 300 GBP) I would like to try it first, if that is available.

PS: Also, as Paypal is restricted in Turkey, are you thinking to add direct payment via credit card?

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There is no trial at this time.

It works and we support the software if any issues occur, leave a thread in our support section and we will be gladly help you out.

There is a video posted above of a slightly older version but I can assure you that the EQ does work with the current version of Spotify.

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Unfortunately PayPal is the only payment option at this time.
There is no immediate plans to add another payment option, but we have looked into it. There might be another option some time in the future.

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