Installed ...not changing sound on amazon echo/dot

latest spotify version and payed for latest Eq

.the bars n stuff move on the EQ on spotify desktop, but it dont change the sound on the Bluetooth speaker/amazon echo/dots…sound changes on the pc direct speakers great…just need Bluetooth speakers to be adjustable with eq

2 Bluetooth speakers are ANKER make, as well as the echo and amazon dots :wink:

Does your anker bluetooth speakers show up in the device change screen in the Equalify pro settings ?
As far as i know it should work fine with most bluetooth speakers.

As for the Amazon Echo/dot they use the Spotify Connect feature and that will never work with Equalify i’m afraid.
When using Spotify connect your spotify client is just a remote control that controls a player in the remote device itself.
Since the remote device does all the downloading and processing of the audio Equalify can not alter it.

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