Installed latest version of equalify, but it is not working

Problem description:
I installed the latest version of equalify pro and entered my username and password to activate it on Spotify, but it is still not working. When I play my music the little green bars at the top of the page do not show up. I’ve tried restarting Spotify like 4 times but it still does not work.

Operating system:

don’t know

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

If you were able to fill in your Equalify username and password it means that the plugin should work just fine.

As long as you are using Equalify Pro 1.1.6 the latest version of Spotify (1.0.47) is supported.

If restarting Spotify hasn’t worked, you could try to reboot your machine.
You have had and used Equalify for a while, so it should all still work fine. I’m currently using the same version of equalify and spotify without issues.

I restarted my computer but it’s still not working… :confused:

I fixed it. I just had to install equalify again after I reinstalled spotify.

Actually scratch that. It was only fixed because when I reinstalled Spotify, I installed the earlier version of Spotify and not the updated version. Now I have the updated version again and not only does the equalizer not work, but I now have NO AUDIO when I attempt to listen to my music. I uninstalled Equalify completely and the sound worked again. I’m not sure why it’s working for everyone else but not for me…

Hmm, i still can not understand why this is happening to you.
The latest version of Equalify was released after the 1.0.47.x update from spotify and was made to work with it.

There has been no reports of issues from anyone else using the latest Spotify client with the newest Equalify.

Its even stranger that you get no audio at all now. This issue is really driving me nuts…

I will keep looking into it and hopefully i will find a bug or logic error that i can fix.
But since i can not replicate the issue anywhere its a hard thing to debug.

If you would be able to help, maybe via teamviewer or something similar so i could see whats happening (and not happening) and do some quick diagnostics that could help a lot. Totally up to you though!

In either case i’ll keep you updated in this thread if i find something that might help you!

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This issue was solved via private messages.
The solution will be implemented in future updates of Equalify Pro.

Hi Notrace,

can I ask why this was solved via private messages? I am experiencing the same thing after the latest spotify update ( and equalify 1.1.6. I redownloaded it to make sure. I made sure Spotify was completely closed before installation (through taskmanager). I even ended up completely uninstalling Spotify, removing anything left in the appdata installation path, reinstalling spotify, reinstalling equalify… Nothing. No sound, equalizer does not show up when playing a song.

Hey @noskill

This was solved via PM’s because it involved a lot of trial and error and trying to figure out the cause.
The discussion included several test versions which was not meant for the public.

Do you also happen to use Windows 7 ?

I can send you the link to the development version that ended up solving the issue for ravenfrost.

Hey Notrace,

it would be great if you could send me the link to the development version too. I have the exactly same problem.

please let me know what vetsion of windows you are running as well.


I am running Win 10

Sent you a link. I’d appreciate if you let me know if it works or not.

I am also using Windows 10. Will report back tonight.

I have the same issue. I’m running Windows 10 with the latest Spotify and the latest Equalify Pro.
I need to restart Spotify until the green icon appears on the top and then it runs fine.

I’m closing this topic, and the discussion will continue here: