Installed beta but still shows as Pro in spotify, cannot use beta options

Hey! I installed the beta version to make use of the presets. I uninstalled the stable build and did not have Spotify open when I installed the beta version.

When I open Spotify, though, it does not sure that I have the beta installed, it just tells me I have the Pro stable build installed! I have no presents and no option to opt in for automatic beta updates, or even a menu for Misc settings. I’ve reinstalled spotify, reinstalled the beta build multiple times, but no dice. I can never get it to actually use the beta build. I ONLY have the beta build installed and do not have the stable build installed. The file I’m using is named the beta build, the install wizard tells me I’m using the beta, but it just seems to not… install the beta.

Are you 100% sure you have installed to the correct folder ?

Go to %appdata%/spotify in your file explorer, find and delete dsound.dll (only in that folder!)

Then re-install the Equalify pro beta.

Remember to use File->Exit when closing spotify, not just hitting the [X]. [X] minimizes to tray, and doesn’t shut the app down.


Is this the same case even with this as false: