Incompatible hardware and software

Only the items mentioned in the TOP/ Opening post is verified as incompatible.
Nothing in the comments below should be thought of as incompatible until its mentioned in this post!

Razer gamebooster and Razer cortex:

Asus Xonar, Auzentech or HT omega soundcards:

Asus Essence * Soundcards
Does not seem to work with Equalify pro.

There has been reports of spotify not being able to play music when ROG Armoury is running while Equalify is loaded. Shutting down ROG Armoury should fix the problem.

Audials One
Audials One seems to be causing spotify/equalify to crash at startup when installed.
First reported with Spotify 1.0.54.
Ref: Topic1 and Topic2


Lenovo One Key Theater
Lenovo One Key Theater seems to be causing some issues with Equalify Pro.
There has been one report of spotify crashing when Lenovo One Key Theater is running and Equalify pro is installed. This is only one report but i figured i should mention it here.

Spotify Connect devices
When using Spotify connect your spotify client is just a remote control that controls a player in the remote device itself.
Since the remote device does all the downloading and processing of the audio Equalify can not alter it.

Pioneer DDJ-SB/SR/SX (including version 2)
You will not be able to change the output to any of the pioneer devices listed.

Jabra Biz 2400 Mono USB (possibly all Jabra Biz USB devices)
We have gotten a report that that the device changer in Equalify Pro can not change the output to the Jabra biz 2400 mono usb. This will most likely be the case for all the Jabra (biz) USB devices.

Traktor audio soundcards
You will not be able to change the output to any of the Traktor audio soundcards.

Various ASIO soundcards
Most ASIO soundcards will not work well with Equalify Pro.

Dataram RAMDisk
Having Dataram RAMDisk installed and enabled might make Equalify Pro crash at launch. This software is added pending further investigation.

Some wireless/bluetooth speakers
Equalify pro might not show your wireless or bluetooth speakers in the device changer. It will work with most of them, but there will be issues with some. It all depends on how they connect to your computer. Give it a try and let us know if it doesn’t work and we can see what we can do.

Please help fill out this post by posting other hardware or software that makes Equalify not work in the general or support categories.