Import/Export option for custom made equaliser presets


Please make a Import/Export option available for custom made presets for backup purposes and to make it easier if you want to use the same custom made presets on multiple devices. I can rename them and delete them but I want to export/import those presets.


I’m just going to leave a friendly bump here :slight_smile:

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I agree that this should be a thing. There is an older and longer thread here:

I’ll make sure to re-visit this idea in the coming weeks and see if i can get something working.

As mentioned in that other thread you can copy&paste the config file to get all presets on another device until a proper solution is added.


any news on this? :slight_smile:


Sorry to necro this up, but I was wondering if it’s possible to restore presets after a system reset. I backed up Appdata and its sub-folders, is there a way I can get my custom presets back?



If you backed up the whole appdata folder, you can restore your presets by going to ./appdata/roaming/Equalify and copy the equalify2.eq file to your new roaming folder.

That should restore all the settings and presets :slight_smile:


6mo later… You should be able to right click any preset in the dropdown and export it, and also import presets from clipboard via the same right click menu. Its been in the EQ since last fall i think.