[implemented] Toggle off/on frequency bars



I’m one of the people who bought Equalify just as much for the analyzer/visualizer as for the equalizer options. Now, I’ve read in other previous topics that plugin support has not been implemented yet, so I’d kindly like to ask you to add an option in the settings to toggle off/on the vertical lines that indicate frequencies and not just the Analyzer Scale. Everything else I can do myself using screen-capture software, color keys/correction etc, it’s just that these bars make this extremely difficult. Would be very much appreciated. Screenshot for illustration http://imgur.com/a/OuYgD

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Sounds like a reasonable request. Will see what i can do for the next update!


This sounds promising - thank you for considering it.


Sorry this took so long, i just have not had a lot of time to work on Equalify the last few months.

The good news however is that the option to toggle the “grid” off has been added.
I also made the analyzer a solid color if the grid is off to make color keys easier to add.