[implemented] Other ways to adjust frequencies and level?


I have found it’s hard to precisely adjust the level and frequencies with the mouse (to drag).

I have tips and wishes, I will explain (in short) and if you find it doable maybe you would consider it?

I wish there was other ways to adjust both frequencies and levels (dB) so it could be done in a more precise way. If you wish to set many bands, it’s hard to do as it is now unless I have missed something.

I can think of a few ways:

  1. Using arrow keys on keyboard to adjust as an alternative to use the mouse, or maybe drag with mouse and only fine tune with the arrows (for more precise settings).

  2. Be able to type in the values with the keyboard (similar to “Set Q”).

  3. Be able to lock either frequency or dB-level when one is set so not both needs to be adjusted at the same time when dragging with the mouse, but it would still be hard to get it precise I suppose, even if easier than how it is now.

  4. Doubtful but maybe could use the mouse scroll wheel to set the value, select if to set frequency or level.

I understand having ideas is not the same as to do the programming, so if any of it or something similar to it can be done, I would be happy. And please forgive my bad English since I’m from another country.

Kind regards.


I like the ideas…I didn’t notice any “Bad English” it is perfectly understandable to me.


Hey @kirmor. Your English is better than most Americans!

Adding a menu item to set the freq and gain should be fairly trivial and is something i will test out one of the coming days.

You could then use the mouse to find the rough settings you want and use the input boxes for the final touch.
You can also use the scroll wheel at the bottom of the EQ to scroll the X-axis to make it easier to set the low and high end.

Using the scroll wheel for setting the freq or gain is not accurate enough and will be a lot worse than click+drag in my opinion.

Make sure you opt in for the beta to get the latest additions as soon as they are available to test. I’ll keep this post updated with my testing as well.


Just did a little test:

Seems to be working well, and i’ll keep these changes :slightly_smiling:


That sounds promising, thank you so much for doing this. I have opted in for beta, so I’m looking forward to be able to try it soon.


I’ve forgotten to update this post, but these changes were added a while ago :slight_smile:


You say this but EQP 1.1.3b doesn’t automatically get updated and when I check for updates (through the plugin) it doesn’t say there are any. I am still on 1.1.1

Is this it going to stay as manual updates?


At the moment the auto updater is not working as intended so it will be a manual process for a while.


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