[Implemented] Native 4k Display Support / Text Scaling


The Equalify interface text on a 4k screen is so small it’s unusable even with the window resized. Please add text size options or enable text scaling.

Small App Window

Heres a video that shows the current scaling options:
Automatic will use the scaling of your main monitor … and apply it to the EQ.
The percentage options will set the scaling you want regardless of monitor scaling.

These scaling options will be available in the next update of the EQ.

if the video does not embed correctly use this link: https://dev0.net/ss/61eed5c0.mp4?show
Clicking the link will also give you the video at 100% instead of scaled to fit in the forum.

Also see this post for older info:


Full DPI/Scaling support to the whole application is now live for everyone thats opted in for the early beta releases.
Will be available to everyone within a a week or two.


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