[implemented] Allow Higher Q


It would be nice to have Q of up to 10 available, as I want to put in some very narrow notch/peak filters but Q of 5 is still too wide.


I do not remember why i set the max to 5, it might have been just an arbitrary value.

I’ve done some tests and there is no reason to limit the notch, peak and band pass filters to 5 so i will increase the limit for those to 15 or 20 in the next update.

I will also limit all the low&hi shelf/pass filters to around 2 or 3 since they are mostly meaningless above 1 anyways.


And just like that, the changes has been implemented!

Will be available next update :slight_smile:


This is now live… If you are not opted in for the beta builds in the equalify settings you can download the latest build on the website.