I'd like a refund please. Thanks!


I’d like a refund please, it sounds diffrent than I expected.



How its sounds is entirely up to you. That is the beauty of an equalizer.
If it sounds bad you are probably trying to do something that you are not supposed to do.

But sure, i’ll send you a refund.


Got the refund. I was hoping for more “boom” bass, the one you got from a subwoofer. I know it’s a really subjective thing (also some people hate that)

The thing with adding bass is that music today is already mastered to be as loud as it can.
So just adding more bass wont help as you will just be clipping the signal.

The way to add more “boom” is to first set the pre-amp to a negative value and adding extra bass. Or just add a high shelf band that lowers everything except the bass.
That will give you more boom , but everything else will be a little lower volume.

I believe there is a bass boost preset that implements both those methods. The downside is that you need an amplifier to get the same volume output for all the non-bass signal :slight_smile:

If the signal can go from -1 to 1 and its already at 1, adding more will not do anything helpful

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