Icon not showing up

Problem description:
The icon isn’t showing up on my pc (on laptop it is working just fine). I tried reinstalling the application but the login dialogue won’t open.

Operating system:
windows 10

MB Soundcard: Realtek ALC1220

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system
headset (beyerdynamic Custom)

You do not have a license, so the EQ will not work for you.
Equalify is paid software.

That said, if you do not get the Equalify login dialog when Equalify is installed and you play your first song in Spotify you should not purchase - it will probably not work for you, for whatever reason.

I know that I don’t have a license on this account. On my other one (where I have a license), it’s working just fine that’s why I was wondering why it doesn’t show up on my 2nd pc. Today it worked (showed and opened the equalizer) but after restarting spotify (and no prompt for logging in) it didnt show up anymore again :confused:

Windows KB-Removal/Reinstallation fixed it. Everything good now.

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