I see the Equalify button but cant open the Equalizer

Hi, my problem is, that l cannot open the Equalizer. l installed the Spotify Version from your Website and deleted the Migrator. Then l installed Equalify. When l open Spotify and Start the music l can See The Symbol in the left Corner, but lf I cIick on it, it just Opens the menue of Spotify.

Do you happen to have a high res monitor and use scaling in windows?
if so, maybe the auto DPI detection in the EQ didn’t detect the scaling properly…

Could you share a screenshot showing where the EQ icon is ?

You could also try pressing the icon as far right as possible (even outside the drawn bars) to see if you can get the EQ window open, so you can open the settings and set the DPI there… if the DPI is the issue…

This is the Screenshot. I have the Surface Go (1800 x1200)

Icon seems to be in the correct location and should not overlap the normal Spotify menu button.
Have you been able to log in/activate Equalify? Should be a little dialog that pops up first time you run it.
Can you try right clicking the Equalify button and selecting the “reset eq position” option in the drop down menu.

Does the EQ icon turn green if you hover the button?

I already Iogged in with my acc. l cant click the button.The Symbol reacts visually, but after a short flash nothing happen.

And you are not able to right click the button so show the popup menu either ?

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