I bought pro plus version today but just recently the acount got ''revesed''


I bought pro plus version today but just recently the account or the payment got ‘‘revesed’’, and the available activations went from 15 (including the one i was using on my PC) to 0. This ‘‘reversed’’ thing makes no sense since i already paid for it through paypal and the money was taken away from my credit card. I could be just fine if i got a refund, thanks.


You filed a complaint with paypal saying the payment was unauthorized, so it was reversed/refunded.

And of course when the payment has been refunded you will no longer have access to the software.


Sorry, i had no idea i marked the payment as unauthorized. Is there any way to fix it now or i’ll have to wait for the refund to buy it again?


The only thing you can do is to log in to paypal and close the dispute before they complete the review.
Not sure if you can close it now though as its already been accepted from my side.


You’re right, i can’t close it since it says ‘‘paypal is investigating the case’’. What can i do?


There is nothing you can do.

PayPal is investigating if it was a legitimate complaint. But since i have already accepted the refund, you will most likely get your money back.

Your account here will be blocked once the refund goes through though. And you will not be able to re-purchase.


You wasn’t enough quick to edit that, i already read it lol, that’s sad. Anyways, you’re telling me my account it’s banned because of a mistake? Dammmmmmmmn okay. thanks for nothing.


You don’t accidentally file a complaint with PayPal and hour after the payment claiming the payment was unauthorized.

That is very much intentional and there are several questions you have to answer on the paypal site before the complaint is sent.

We both know why it was done :slight_smile:

The banning of the account is automatic and will happen once the the complaint/refund has been completed.


‘‘That is very much intentional and there are several questions you have to answer on the paypal site before the complaint is sent’’ false. I received a SMS on my phone with only 2 options, YES(1) or NOT(2), with the message saying, textually this: ‘‘PayPal detected there was a suspect transaction with Leonardsen Software…’’ Firstable, i didn’t know that had something to do with Equalify and since i was confused i decided to go for the safe way. If you don’t believe me i can send you proof.


It’s stupid funny that you think i made a complaint to steal you or something, wow.


If you only knew how many times people do that, you’d be amazed.

There is still nothing i can do about the complaint you sent though - that is still on you.

I should maybe have given you the benefit of the doubt, but in my experience every single one that has done this in the past 5 years has done it to try to “get the software for free”.


I think you should’ve informed a little better about how PayPal works… instead of blaming your customer for trying to steal you. I have better things to do before trying to steal, im not that type of person. But i guess i have nothing to do here since im declared banned for life xD!!


I can only react to the information i have and the patterns I’ve seen before.

If i jumped to conclusions with you and i was wrong, i’m man enough to say sorry.
I still can not do anything about the complaint though, only you can affect that.


It’s okay.

Also, figure out why are your transactions with paypal being ‘‘suspect’’, cause i’ve never seen that type of notification from paypal that has been sent to me, that would make someone to think that transaction was actually suspect.

I need to know if i will be able to re-purchase the software again tho xD.


I’ve had tens of thousands of transactions and I have never heard of anyone getting that message before.
They probably looked at your payment history or IP address and thought it was suspicious, or maybe a new card?

There is nothing i can do about your account until the complaint is closed.
If you send a message after you have gotten your refund, i can see if i can remove the block on your account.


The email option on this site could be a possibility to withdraw the complaint:


I don’t see any options there to do so, i could send them an email but that would take time to get a response i think, so i’ll just wait till the complaint is closed. When that happens, i’ll message you.

Thanks for the support, leaving aside what happened. No beef :wink:


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