HT Omega eClaro Card?

I just purchased a new set of HiVi M50Ws and I’m looking at getting a dedicated sound card now to get the most out of them. Because I use Equalify very often, I want to make sure that the card I get will be compatible. I am thinking of either the HT Omega eClaro or something similar, any recommendations would be great. I was looking at the Asus STX II but I believe that isn’t compatible.

Windows 7


HT Omega eClaro 7.1 PCIE /

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Hey, congrats on your new speakers!

I know that older HT Omega cards - i don’t remember which - had the same issues as the Asus Xonar cards still have.
I don’t know about the newer ones.

My recommendation would be to get the card you want and that you will be happy with, and if it doesn’t work we can try to figure out a fix for it. We might not be successful, but at least you will have a card that does everything you want.

I do not have a list of cards that will work flawlessly(most cards should work just fine), i only get told about cards that doesn’t work. So i do not dare recommending any specific cards.

The Xonar fix app was made after a guy with a xonar card and I spent an afternoon troubleshooting, so everything is possible :slightly_smiling:

Some more info about incompatible SW/HW: Incompatible hardware and software

PS: There is a guy with an Asus essence STX II card that asked for help today, so if you wait a few days to decide, i might have gotten some info from him that can confirm or deny if it will work with the EQ. ( Asus Essence STX II 7.1 issue )

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First off, thanks for the quick reply I really appreciate it! I’m really enjoying the new speakers so far :smile:

Ah I see.

I think for now then I’ll wait to see what happens with the STX II, if you figure out a fix or workaround for that card I’ll probably go with it!

Thanks for your work and response

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I know its been a while, but just to follow up on this i couldn’t find the reason for the STX II incompatibility. So i can not recommend it if you want to use Equalify as well.

If you get it i’m more than happy to work with you, via teamviewer if possible, to see if we can get it to work. The same goes for any other card you get, if it doesn’t work.