How to use Equalify Pro with Spotify when using a wireless connection to Cambridge CXN V2 for playback

I bought Equalify because the Spotify equalizer would not work when attempting playback from my Windows PC to my Cambridge Audio CXN V2.

I saw somewhere on the web that Equalify might work for that. Apparently that is not the case. Unless I am doing something wrong. Please help.


Happy new year.

If you use spotify connect (which i assume you are) to play music on your CXN V2 then no solution on your pc will work.
When using spotify connect, your pc/phone is just a glorified remote control, and all music downloading and playback happenes on the other device. If you connect to it via a cable it will work.

Happy New Year and thanks for your reply.

In view of your response I will be requesting a refund.


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