How long does it takes untill the system knows that i have purchased an license?



Please help me with this issue: Could not log in to the license server. This probably means you typed the wrong username or password.

Its correct I checked it already up.

How long does the activation take after I purchased an license?

King regards


Usually takes less than 10 seconds.
In rare cases Paypal can do a review of the payment and that will take 24-48 hours.
And if you paid with e-check it will take up to 7 days(depending on how fast you pay though your bank)

Just checked, and your payment is registered and your account is ready for use.


But I still cant log in and I have no idea why. Can you generate the key manually?


100% sure you are using your username Vincent1225 and not your email?

I have to ask cause that is a very common issue…

And yes i can do a manual activation if that is needed (send me the HWID in a response here) but that is usually only needed for people behind corporate firewalls.


Oh alright I found the issue. I dont know if I can tell you why it was blocked.


Up to you if you want to tell me or not, the important thing is that its solved :slight_smile:


Well Im using a kind of “Ad-block” in spotify thats why this one was also blocked. :slight_smile:


tsk tsk… naughty! :joy:

That is interesting though, guess they operate on a whitelist instead of a blacklist.


Im not sure about that but you might be right. I dont know if this programm tells you anything but the programm is called “–removed–”. ^^


Doesn’t tell me much, the github repo looks pretty old, so amazing that it still works.

Removed the name so this forum doesnt advertise it :slight_smile:


Yea sure :slight_smile: I just had to remove that and after the install put it on again. Great programm btw :slight_smile:


Well thanks for your support anyway. Have a great day! :slight_smile:


You too!