How can I rename, change or delete saved preset equalizer settings?

Problem description:
I’ve figured out how to save and select a preset but can’t find any text, buttons or icons to save, rename or delete a preset. Any time I select a preset and start changing values Equalify assumes I want to create a new preset. Something I thought the reset button was for. This way I’ll end up with two dozen presets out of which only a handful are actually useful. And please don’t tell me I have to dig in the registry or go to a sub-sub-sub folder of the Spotify folder in order to (hex)edit some file. This should be part of the GUI and something I should do manually outside of Spotify.

In the currently released version of Equalify Pro, you can select the preset you want to delete and hit the delete key on your keyboard to remove it.

You should edit the presets to your liking before saving though :slight_smile:

In the update i’m working on there is a right click menu with delete and rename. And its also possible to overwrite existing presets in the new update and it includes some basic built-in presets.

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Thanks for the info, I would probably have discovered the function of the delete key eventually, but this saves me the frustration looking for it. Looking forward to the new build, those sound like options I’ll be using a lot in the future. :+1: