Good preset settings for a Bass Boost?

Hi I’ve had Equalify Pro for a while and only just decided to ask a question here. I was wondering if anyone had any Equalify Pro presets for a bass boosted experience that produces the thump of the bass while maintaining the quality of the music? I noticed, upon looking into this, that previous versions may have had a Bass feature (that or mine is outdated, but I’ve installed the recent one so I don’t think this is the case.) although mine doesn’t have this and none of the presets seem to provide the experience I’m looking for(see the link below for my current presets). If anyone could post an image of their Bass preset that I can copy, that would be much appreciated :smiley: Thank you in advance.

What my current presets look like, just in case something is wrong with my version or I’m blind as a bat :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to make sure to not degrade the music quality when boosting the bass you will have to lower the pre-amp while adding a band (ie. low-shelf) at around 2-300hz and set the Q to ~0.9.

If you set the low shelf band to +4db you should lower the preamp to -4db as well to make sure it will not clip and sound horrible.

You can also use a subtractive band. Meaning that you add a high-shelf band at about the same place and lower everything except the bass.

The effect will be the same but the subtractive method will not require you to touch the pre-amp.

Normal additive EQ that boosts bass (notice the preamp being lowered to -4db there):

Subtractive EQ that will produce a similar effect:

There was a “bass-boost” button in the old free EQ many years ago. This version of the EQ never had one.
The old bass boost button pretty much just added a low-shelf band in about the same position and with roughly the same settings as the first picture.

:notes:This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much :notes:

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