Freezing of program

Problem description:
The program randomly completely freezes Spotify. Cannot click on anything. Have to restart spotify or minimize/maximize multiple times for the program to unfreeze. Please advise. Thank you!

Operating system:
windows 10

X99 Pro built-in sound card

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software you might have installed:

Same problem here. And sometimes Equalify won’t show anything on analyzer, restarting Spotify won’t help, it just starts working after awhile.

Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Equalify Pro

Ok Guys this sounds like the same problem the Spotify version 1.0.13, I am currently running the beta 1.1.0 version of equalify pro it seems to be working fine for me. If you guys want to try to install the beta (log into your members page on and you should be able to download the beta)…once you get the beta and if the problem is resolved please let us know, so we can help the developer in releasing the beta as a stable release.

Please log on to the members area of the website and download the beta version. It includes a fix for this issue.

The issue is mentioned here:

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