Freezes on startup and all online services

Problem description:

  1. Your online services epic slowly in Russia. 15-17 seconds on simplest request.
  2. Your online services requests (API?) works in synchronous mode in plugin. It’s epic fail in 2021.

To reproduce:

  1. Spotify starts quickly.
  2. No EQ icon near main menu.
  3. I choose song and click “Play”.
  4. Freeze around 15-17 seconds.
  5. EQ icon shows and song is playing.

Video: soptify.mp4

Second scenario:

  1. Start Spotify in File / OFFLINE MODE (no internet)
  2. Epic freeze around 1 minute

Without EQ - spotify works perfect in both scenarios.

Operating system:

Steinberg UR22C

Spotify version
Spotify () for Windows

Equalify Pro version (HF / 16

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system
I think your plugin check license in synchronous mode during first startup. Your plugin must make all HTTP/S request in async mode with UI thread!
When I clicking “Check For Updates” EQ stops works before I see “No updates…”.
When I use offline mode in Spotify plugin can’t to check any online services - it must use cached values with some ttl.