Following up on 'A Monitor Program Has Been Found'

Now that I’ve finally gotten some time to play with it… following up on “A monitor program has been found” message

It looks like the wayward software in question is “procmon”, part of Microsoft’s “sysinternals” toolkit. If procmon has been run at any time since the system has booted, regardless of whether it is currently running, your copy protection triggers and it won’t run (and AFAIK the kernel hooks it puts in place can’t be removed without rebooting).

I do software development, so I run procmon sometimes. I’m not gonna reboot just so I can listen to music. And this isn’t some weird hacker tool, it’s an official Microsoft tool that you can download from Microsoft.

Though, I don’t know for certain that it works after a reboot, because now when I fire it up, I get the “Could not download a valid license for your computer” error. Grrr.

If I send you like $50, can you just make me a custom build that doesn’t have the licencing stupid and doesn’t have the copy protection stupid? I just want to be able to listen to music on the speakers I have for music.That’s it. Click play, and have music happen.

I’ve already wasted a huge amount of my time trying to do this, and to figure out why it wasn’t working. Please, for the love of god, can you tell me what I have to do, AS A PAYING CUSTOMER, to actually be able to listen to music without having to worry at any given time about whether or not your software will even work?

If you have re-installed your OS or changed hardware in your copmputer your old activation might not be valid anymore.
Its easy to re-activate though: License already activated on another computer

I often use the sysinternal tools myself as well and i cant recall having issues with any of them, but procmon is one i dont often use. I’ve tested and verified that procmon is one of the tools that is being detected as a monitoring tool… which is exactly what it is. To be honest i thought i had turned off the option that checks for those in the protection software, and i’ll make sure they are off in the next update.

About a version with no protection and licensing… as a developer yourself i hope you understand that this is not an option. Also the licensing is already very flexible with the ability to re-activate your used activations.

Thanks for finding the culprit though, next update will be tested with procmon running before release.

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