[fixed] Failed to regenerate new License key after upgrading to windows 10

I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I’m unable to re-generate the key as explained in this post:
I deleted the existing key, restarted spotify and tried to login so it creates the new license file, to no avail.
Activation error - Probably already activated on another computer […].
Any help is appreciated.

Operating system:
windows 10

Auzentech X-Fi Prelude

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
Equalify 1.1.3

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

  • new SSD


Sound Cards sometimes mess things up not sure if this is the case @Notrace will know…

Have you completely uninstalled the previous version of Equalify Pro when you upgraded because that I know can screw up some programs from working properly and they need to be reinstalled manually. (that is if you only upgraded and didn’t do a fresh install)


I ran into couple of issues when issuing the direct upgrade to windows 10 so I completely set up a clean install of Windows 10 on my new SSD, still same PC tho.
Everything is a fresh installation.

@eVoVitamin And the sound card isn’t new and worked with the previous activation you used correct?

If its not new and it worked for you…I am stumped this is something @Notrace will have to diagnose.


Correct, my previous installation on my older windows 7 was done with the same soundcard which worked just fine back then.
However, I’m using a different soundcard-driver. It’s an unofficial community driver;
daniel_k’s SB X-Fi Series Support Pack 3.8 (10.22.2015)
Not sure if that is any related to my issue in any way, just thought I give it a mention.
Cheers for trying to help me out :slight_smile: Appreciated.


Is it possible to disable you sound card to test if that fixes it?


Didn’t work unfortunately.
I deactivated the soundcard and tried to login, also re-enabling all leads to the same error message.

I got nothing @Notrace (developer) take it away!

@DigidyDOG @Notrace

Topic can be closed.
User error on my side.
I remembered that I had some weird issues buying the app in the past and created another username the other day.
Long story short, I put in the wrong credentials at the login screen due to the confusion of 2 accounts.

Regardless, thanks for your time & help @DigidyDOG

Equailify-on! :loud_sound: :notes:

I am glad I could help!

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