Feature request - touch device support

Hello there everyone,

So, I’ve been using Equalify for some time now on my PC and laptop. Everything works flawlessly. Except one particular thing. And that is support for touchscreens. Since I use my laptop more like tablet, I don’t use keyboard and touchpad/mouse so often. Everytime I want to change something in Equalify, I need to flip whole laptop, convert it to the PC mode, tweak some settings and then I can flip it back. When I try to open equalify with touch, instead of opening Equalify, icon blinks and spotify dropdown menu appears. Even when I try to open Equalify with mouse and then try to control it with touches, nothing really happens either. I’d absolutely love to see touchscreen support for Equalify.

What do you think about this idea?

Hey there!

I’ve been trying to locate my old surface to test it with touch again. But that thing is hiding somewhere i wont ever be able to find it apparently.

Equalify was tested with touchscreens though and it worked as it should.
I think you need to double-tap and move your finger to drag the bands around (which will be interpreted as a click + drag).
The icon in Spotify you should be able to just tap once like any other button, if you tap&hold that is a right-click, which will open the menu.

Tapping and holding on the bands will give you the menu.

That is at least how i remember it working on my touch device that i can not find.
Please let me know if anything above helps.

Hey there first off, thank you and sorry. I’ve tested it and found that it works now. Don’t know what I did wrong :sweat_smile: The only problem is, that I need to open GUI by mouse click. Neither single tap or tap&hold doesn’t work. I’ve uploaded short example here: https://youtu.be/FzmSsbuBMCA

I see, trying to click the EQ button shows the Spotify menu instead. I misunderstood what you said in the first post and thought it showed the Equalify right click menu (that shows up if you right click the EQ icon).

I’m not sure why Spotify does that though, it shouldn’t show that menu unless you click the 3 dots.
I still have not found my surface tablet - its probably at my cabin - so it will be hard to test things, but i’ll try to do some reverse engineering and see if i can find out why Spotify behaving like that and if there is a way to fix/work around it :slight_smile:

I know its been a while, but i believe the issue should be solved now.

I do not have access to a touchscreen to be 100% sure, but i am fairly confident that the fix should work.

Please download the installer for the updated version of Equalify from here:

Please let me know if this solves the issue for you.