Feature request (DUPLICATE - DISREGARD): change Q with CTRL + mouse wheel

EDIT: I just saw that you have already implemented something similar with a right-click and slide. Sorry, I missed this message on my first search through. So disregard this! Thanks for the useful software.

It would be great if you could change Q (and possibly also filter type) without having to go into the context menu. Some other EQ software I have used allows you to change Q by holding CTRL and rolling the mouse wheel. This gives immediate visual feedback on changes instead of having to guess a number and then see what effect it has in the graph. Perhaps filter type could be changed with some other combination of keys too (e.g. CTRL + SHIFT + mouse wheel to scroll through filter types).

There are a couple of “hidden” shortcuts:

Ctrl + click will disable/enable the band.
Right click + drag left/right will adjust Q.
Scroll wheel at the bottom of the EQ window will let you zoom in on either the high or low end for more detail.

I can not recall any others at this time :slight_smile:

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