Everything is unavailable since 2 days ago

**Problem description:** Since 2 days ago, every track becomes unavailabe or skips with Equalify PRO installed. When I uninstall it works again, like nothing happened.

Operating system:

If you know what soundcard(s) you have, please include it! (ie. Asus Xonar, Auzentech or HT Omega)

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
You will find the version info in Settings->About

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
ie. Razer Gamebooster or Cortex

Make sure you have set an output device in the Equalify settings that works. (EQ->settings->device)
You have probably selected a device that doesnt work properly with equalifyt.

It doesn’t show up anymore (the Equalify icon), and I did when it was visible.

After Windows Update i have the same Problem. I use over 1-2 years Equlify Pro and now the first time with a problem.
Like: The Icon doesn’t show up anymore (the Equalify icon), Reinstalltion is done with close and restart Pc
It doesnt work. :frowning:

Still not working, even with the latest update that came out on the 5th july

Same problem here, can’t say when the icon disappeared, but it has. I installed new version of equalify (and before that newest version of spotfiy), and nothing happens. Support, please help!

edit: SORRY, after those and playing a song, the icon came back!

Just created a new post, but I am having the exact same issue.

None of you have provided the soundcard you have. Knowing that would be good to see if there is any similarities. There isn’t a lot i can do without as much information as possible provided by you guys.
Soundcards, special software, drivers, os and anything else that might be relevant (bt speakers, usb headsets…++)

in the meantime the reply i gave in another thread might help one or two of you:

Sounds like Equalify is trying to use a soundcard that either isnt there anymore or isnt supported.

Have you opened the Equalify settings and set the output device to “default” or “primary” output?

Or if you don’t have any presets you want to save, you can go to %appdata%/equalify (open in explorer) and delete the file called equalify2.eq

Deleting that file will reset Equalify to the default settings. Reinstalling Equalify does not replace/remove that file.

Sorry about that, Notrace. I have several sounds cards in this machine and I tried them all and they all exhibit the same behavior of causing Spotify to skip songs as soon as Equalify gets installed. Without Equalify installed everything works fine and songs play as they should out of my default sound device. However, like I just said earlier, as soon as Equalify gets installed Spotify stops playing songs and will just continually skip to the next in a never ending cycle. Further more, when Equalify gets installed and I hit ‘play’ on a song, I am unable to get to settings as the settings icon never appears.

Side note, I just deleted the equalify2.eq file from appdata and it had no effect.

Soundcards I am using are:
Onboard on a MSI Tomahawk B350
Asus Xonar STX
Behringer 1820 Audio Interface

Now we are getting somewhere👍

Remember that equalify is incompatible with the asus xonar drivers because they do weird stuff. You can try the “fix” from this link:

Or better try the unified drivers in the second post in the same thread. I’m not sure the fix will still do the trick, but try it first :slight_smile:

Using the tool fixed my issue.

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