Equalizer wont save and window small

Two issues. I’m a new user, I’ve used equalizers and felt there would be no issue here. Might be easy, but I cannot save my new equalizer profile WITH the bands. Check the photo but I’m guessing the green line to the left of the presets means that there is an equalizer attached. Then when I make a custom profile, there isn’t an equalizer band attached. So please help me save my eq-band, because I’d like to make more eq-profiles. Here’s a pic of how small I need to make res to see, as you can Spotify looks terrible this way.

AND there’s a huge problem for me. The window is microscopic. I need to lean all into the screen or switch my resolution to very low, just to fine tune the bands. I have a 2k and 4k monitor. It’s small enough on the 2k, and about unusable on 4k because the window is like 5 inches big. I’m use to working with full screen equalizers and I find the size to be a big big letdown :(. I really don’t wanna switch my res/ lean in super close, every time I wanna play with it.

edit: another issue. The lowest I can set the low Hz is at 10 Hz which is realistically fine. But for fine tuning the wave, I’d like to see that fixed. If it got fixed you could get smoother eq-bands. And the max Hz is 20k which is better than eqs I’ve previously used, but I feel like that could be a little bigger at 25,000/40,000 Hz. Cause my headset says it outputs up to 40,000 Hz, and it’d be fun to play with. The option to extend range would be not necessary, as human hearing probably won’t hear it. But it’d be cool to play with. And is the least of my issues here (just giving my imo).

Hey there!

The presets with the green mark infront of them just means they are builtin default presets.
Presets you save yourself will not have the green mark, but all bands will be saved just fine.

As for the size - The eq is set up to detect your desktop scaling (main monitor) and auto adjust the size. If you are using 4k at 100% scaling (no zoom) it will assume you want it to be at the default small size.
You can change that yourself in the settings window under DPI:

If you set it to 150% or 200% it will be a lot better for you. You should also enable the button scaling to make it look better in the window.

If you want to affect the freqs below 10hz you will need to use a low shelf band:

  1. add a band
  2. right click the circle
  3. select filter type
  4. select low shelf
    (or high shelf to affect all frequencies above where you add the band)

Normal peak bands will not perform well if added below 10hz, hence the limitation.

As for the top range, there would be absolutely no point in going above 22.5khz.
The music from spotify is sent in a sample rate of 44100, which means the max frequency that can be played and altered is 22500. (Search for samplerate nyquist to read more Nyquist rate - Wikipedia)

The range is also meant to cover the frequencies a human can hear.
For young people you will be able to hear about 20hz to 20khz. The older you get the more of the top end you will lose. At around middle age you will only be able to hear up to around 14khz.

Hope that helps and that i didnt forget anything :slight_smile:

You can also fine tune your presets in by using the Q value in the right click menu.
The same value can also be changed real-time by rightclicking the band and dragging side to side.
And ofcourse zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.
If you place the mouse pointer at the bottom of the eq window where the Hz scale is and use the scrollwheel you can “zoom” to the low or high end for more precision as well.

Great feedback. Hopefully they add a 400% dpi. As 4k could use it; I noticed the window is much bigger on 2k res (compared to 4k). And I would like to change settings on either monitor easily.

Thanks for the help. I learned something :slight_smile:

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