Equalizer scrolling



Opened equalizer a few seconds ago and fiddled around with the usual stuff and came across what to me seems pretty fricking tedious.

Upon scrolling in/out, the center of the EQ Didn’t stay in position.
Scrolling in - Center of EQ Went up
Scrolling out - Center of EQ Went down

Possible to set it centered when scrolling? Or positioned down a little bit so my EQ Doesn’t interfere with the EqualifyPRO Bar thing on the top where all the buttons are?

Idea being to implement the MWB when held to drag up/down the center of the bar.



Long time no see @Munkeywaxx

I can not replicate the center line moving. The center line of the EQ should always be in the same place no matter how you scroll, vertical or horizontal. The “toolbar” at the top always overlaps.

I guess what you want is for the eq center line to be in the middle of the the “eq area” below the toolbar ?


Yeah…I don’t follow.


Another late reply.

Ah, yes. That was a mistake on my half. ^-^
My excuse:
Words are hard. :smiley:

Anyway, The idea for the positioning of the center line would be for accuracy when placing EQ Filters.

Upon scrolling in, as seen in the .gif, you lose some/most of the + and - of the EQ, and of course when scrolled in/out too far, it’s pretty inaccurate losing what could be optimal settings. +13db | -14db


AH, ok, so what you meant was being able to move the center line down and up to get more accuracy when placing filters when zoomed out?

I have not added that (yet, it sounds like a lot of work for little gain (gain… get it … :P)) but i have added input boxes to set the gain and frequency, which should eliminate the problem of inaccuracy.
Drag filter to the rough position you want, and use the menu to set it to exactly the value you want.

That should help ?


You’re so Punny…

Heh, Yeah that’s pretty much it ^-^

Available on the latest Beta? Or not uploaded yet?


Its in the latest internal builds, not available as a beta yet, there’s a weird little bug with the auto updater i want to fix before pushing out the next beta :slight_smile:


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