Equalizer problem with 2 different pc

Problem description:
I have 2 different problems with program:

  • in first case equalify appear in top bar but i can reset only EQ
  • in second case i have installed it in my other computer but it doesn’t work; i reinstalled Spotify and Equalify 2 times but nothing

Operating system:
Windows 10 in both

Spotify version

  • first case
  • second case

Equalify Pro version


I’m not sure what you mean by that. You can only reset what?

This could be an issue with the latest Spotify update 1.0.47.x. They changed how a lot of things work, and the latest Equalify update should work for most people.
You can try the development version for 1.1.7 that will try to fix more of the issues Spotify 1.0.47 introduced.

I will send you a link to that development version in a private message.

First case was some crash bug; now work all,don’t know because, if i will have same problem will a screenshoot
Now will try link you have send me for second one, thanks

Hi, yesterday i have tryed to install version you send me but it not work too; now when i open Spotify it appear all black, i mean the window is totally black and only thing i can see are the option on top menu

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