Equalizer not appearing

[Haven’t re-downloaded yet. Just booted the the PC]

Spotify loads up, wait a couple seconds for everything to initialize and noticed that the EQ isn’t there.

Possible reasons: Spotify update?

After deactivating the previous key, another one may need to be generated.
Reinstalled Equalify.
Awaiting Key Activation for further information.

Key activation complete, everything seems to be working again.
The hell just happened? O_o

The first spotify launch (the one that happens automatically after an update) has a tendency to not load the eq.
In those cases restarting spotify is usually the solution.

The spotify updater launches spotify with another working directory, or something, which makes spotify not load my dll.

Other causes might be that you didn’t play a track. Sometimes spotify does not load my dll until it tries to play audio :slight_smile: