Equalify wont show up on Spotify

Problem description:
Bought and installed the Pro version of Equalify. Installed it in the right map (appdata/Spotify) and it still wont show up when I start Spotify.

Operating system:
Windows 7

Asus Xonar

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
Equalify Pro 1.1.1

Any special software you might have installed:

Please read and follow this:

What tool are you talking about?

There is a link at the bottom of the text.

Download: Equalify GX/EX Fix

Oh thanks, will try this out! I will report back.

Now it works! Thanks! Will this effect negative on any other part? I mean do ever have to activate this if i decide to not use Equalify again? I prob will, but should I keep the .exe file?

Or can I just leave it as it is?

I have not heard of anyone needing to activate it again, this workaround was also used on the old equalify for years. So it should be fine. Keep the exe just in case though :slight_smile:

Last question: Can I ask for a tip to make a good all around settings on the Equality settings to work for most of the music?

Most people enjoy the Rock or Loudness presets, check the top left corner of the eq to find them :slight_smile:

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