Equalify window not visible when removing second monitor

Hello everyone,

The problem I’m posting here has been around for a long time for me, I don’t know about others.
What’s happening is Equalify appears to display itself on the same location when you open the interface, regardless of if that screen is actually connected.
Recently when I was at a LAN, and now that I temporarily only have 1 monitor I can’t access the Equalify interface.
As soon as I hook up another monitor it appears right where it always does, in the corner of the second screen.
When the second screen is removed, the Equalify window still remains on the now disconnected second monitor if I can say it like that.
It doesn’t seem to notice that the saved last-window-location does no longer exist and so displays outside of the screen.
So now I can not access the Equalify interface.
Restart (PC, Spotify) does not help.

I wonder what I can do to fox this problem (config I can edit?), or maybe it’s an actual thing.
Maybe an option to pin the Equalify window relative to the Spotify window is also an idea?
(When you drag the Spotify window, Equalify stays on top of Spotify like a sticker of some sort, like the old version).

Running on Windows 10, SupremeFX soundchip (Realtek HD), Spotify v1.0.62.508.g2c497f24, Equalify 1.2.5

P.S.: For the rest beta version 1.2.5 is working perfectly fine with Spotify 1.0.62

Click the equalify button once in the spotify window then right click it and select reset position.
That should place it in the top corner of the spotify window for you.

Ah thanks, I didn’t know that was a thing.

Is this the only way to solve the problem or is it just me experiencing this whilst it works fine for others?

The EQ saves the position (screen coordinates) every time it saves the conf file.
It’s “dumb” and does not check if the screen coords are valid with the currently connected monitors.

So at the moment that little reset trick is the only option, other than editing the conf before starting spotify.

I think i’ve had questions about this maybe twice since the EQ was released, so its not a major issue.
Only reason the reset position menu is there in the first place was because i use 4 monitors and sometimes i connect one of them to other machines. But i left it in the release build in case someone else needed it :slight_smile:

Also the old free version method that was stuck ontop of spotify wont really work with the new eq as its a lot larger and would cover too much of the spotify window.

Ok then I’ll use this, it’s not like I change my monitor setup every 30 minutes anyway.

Of course I could go on with “make the interface smaller” in various ways but as you said, it’s not really needed and is probably way more effort than it’s worth. I’m already glad there’s a semi fancy way to solve it (aka no config editing).

I appreciate the quick reply and the tip, thanks for that.

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