Equalify Screen Reader Accessibility and Completely New Install Queries

Hi, Minionslayer here. Almost an hour ago I created my Equalify account and purchased Equalify Pro Plus. I had applied Equalify to Spotify (not Microsoft Store), but am unable to find the new button with my screen reader. Put it quite simply, I am blind. The use of computers necessitates the active usage of screen readers too. The purchase status still shows up as pending, but I was able to successfully use one of my fifteen activations on this computer (which is also reflected in my free slots left).
Possible Methods of Diagnosis
Screen Reader
I am using the NVDA screen reader, but helping to diagnose this issue doesn't require you to install a new piece of software.
To whoever ends up reading this, I would like you to do the following (assuming that you have a PC on hand running a recent version of Windows10).
  1. Open Spotify (and an activated copy of Equalify by extension).
  2. Press Ctrl+Win+Enter to toggle Narrator (Windows' built-in screen reader).
  3. Note: If that hotkey doesn't enable Narrator, press Ctrl+Win+N to navigate to Narrator's settings page, and check the box to "Allow the shortcut key to start Narrator", or enable it from there.
  4. Insure that "Show the Narrator cursor" is checked (under the "Use Narrator cursor" grouping). This shows a visual boarder around the focused element of Narrator.
  5. You should hear a text-to-speech voice announcing what is under the Narrator cursor. Navigate back to the Spotify app and press Tab or Shift+Tab to jump to each interactive UI element on-screen (Tab jumping forward, Shift+Tab jumping backwards).
  6. Finally, determine whether the Narrator cursor was able to find the Equalify button and post your result here.
Screen Capture
I have also attempted to provide an attached screen cap of the Spotify window. Note that taking accurate and consistent screenshots is of course more of an arduous process for me, so please take this in mind when asking for them.
Below is a direct OneDrive link as well, just in case.
Please use this to establish if the Equalify button is properly showing up.

With all this information, we can hopefully determine what the issues are (whether it's Spotify/activation, my screen reader, or Equalify's UI).
Possible Resolutions
Should Equalify appear to be working, I think the easiest resolution would be for keyboard shortcuts to be made to jump to all of Equalify's components.
That's all from me. Looking forward to using Equalify!
Operating System Information
**Operating system:** Windows 10 Pro 20H2 (x64) **Soundcard:** Realtek High Definition Audio **Spotify version** **Equalify Pro version** Unable to access, but downloaded 1.4.9 (1.4.9-Beta according to data found in CPL Programs and Features. **Any special software or hardware you might have installed:** VB-Cable, Creative ALchemy, EAX4 Unified Redist **Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system** Using wired headphones, Realtek options set to automatically change on the same device (as opposed to creating a new one for each new output).

Hello Minionslayer,

Sorry about the slow reply. I try not to frequent the forums during the weekends.

This was made as a hobby project initially and accessability was not something that was on my mind (or something i knew about) at the time, so Equalify uses fully custom controls for every GUI element.

So i am very sorry, but unfortunately Equalify will not work with any screen reader.

I worked with another blind user about 2 years ago trying to make it work. We went back and forth for several weeks. I had NVDA installed and tried workarounds with their api, the builtin windows accessibility API and Text-to-Speech but could not make anything that was usable.
It would need a full rewrite of the whole application and all the custom controls to have any chance to make it work and that is not something i can commit to.

The only thing i can do is to apologize and offer a full refund.

I did add a notice back then stating that equalify was incompatible with screen readers, but that notice seems to have been lost in a website update. I will make sure to re-add that !

The only positive thing about this is that i will think about accessibility for all my future projects, but ofcourse that will not help in this case and with Equalify.


A refund is fine, and thanks for handling the situation.


Have a good day.

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