Equalify Pro only working after a restart of Spotify

Sorry, wasn’t really sure whether or not I should make a new topic or post in the other topic of somewhat similar problems. But seeing as Equalify Pro actually does work for me, just not all of the time, I went with a new topic instead.

Problem description:
Equalify Pro only shows up after restarting Spotify, never on the first launch. It also goes away again after leaving Spotify idle (i.e. no music playing) for some time, requiring yet another restart of Spotify. No sound from Spotify if/when Equalify Pro doesn’t load.

Operating system:
Windows 10 Home

Onboard Realtek ALC892

Spotify version (1.0.47 had the same problem)

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
None that I can think of.

Other relevant information:
It all started after having installed Equalify Pro 1.1.6 on Spotify 1.0.47.

No problem.!
Sounds like the exact same issue, i’ll send you a link to the development beta version, please report back in the beta thread if it works or not, i will close this thread and post a link to the beta thread.