Equalify Pro makes Spotify to NOT Start

After installing the latest version of Equalify, when you open Spotify, immediately close.
This is completely related with equalify because If I uninstall it, Spotify continues to work

Running Spotify on Windows 10
Alienware R17
Equalify 1.1.0

Could you please provide some feedback about how to solve this? Apparently Spotify it’s filtering your dll NOT allowing to open the software when it’s installed.

Let me know if you need some logs. Thx

What is “this” referring to?

Let’s clarify because seems you are dodging the bullet.

Spotify won’t start with Equalify Pro 1.1.0 Installed.

Login to your account on www.Equalify.me and download Equalify Pro 1.1.1

Apparently the 1.1.1 had the same behavior after installing it.

However, after a single restart, it got fixed and now Spotify is able to start with Equalify Pro 1.1.1.

Thanks for your help

P.S: Close the thread if you want.

I am glad we got it fixed!

Sorry to bump this thread but I seem to be having this issue too - was working fine yesterday (although I have no idea if spotify updated since then), spotify now crashes (window closes, task hangs, needs to be ended in task manager) on startup.

Windows 10 Pro
Spotify version:
Equalify version: (file version on dsound.dll)

renaming/deleting dsound.dll allows spotify to launch without issue.

I think his is usually fixed by restarting the computer (a couple of times might be required). This is an issue that happens to very few people and that we have had no success replicating. So it’s very hard to know what’s causing it. It also seems to fix itself randomly for everyone that has had the issue making it even harder to narrow down.

Please try a few reboots and see if that works and please let me know if it works or not. If it doesn’t we can try some debugging later when I’m back at the computer.

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Alright cool, I’ll give it a shot. Will let you know of the result.

Yep, one reboot seemed to fix it. That’s… really weird.

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I am glad you got it up and running again…this isn’t a common thing that happens once it is installed…I have had it installed since it first came out and I haven’t had any problems like this…although I forget every once in a long long while that you need to play a song for the plugin to initialize.

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