EQUALIFY PRO in the windows store version of spotify


you can edit the window store by go to {users/%user%/appdata/local/packages/SpotifyAB.spotifyMusic_zpdnekdrzrea0!Spotify/} this for the version of spotify Do you acct. with spotify dev. if no please make it will help with dev. Equalify. There must a way to move or point equalify install.


I’m a fellow developer and I would love to help you fix the issue because windows Version 1709 os Build 16299.309 it will make you use the store of the app. Furthermore Spotify and Microsoft have formed a partnership because they are discontinuing Groove music memberships interfering memberships to Spotify music. spotify is not planning to let you choose between desktop version or store version anymore.


Hey James,
I have a solution for the Windows store “problem”, i just have not had the time to complete it just yet. (real life getting in the way and so on…).

As far as i know there are no immediate plans to discontinue the desktop version of Spotify, i’m on 1709 myself and a lot of others and we use the desktop version without problems.

The store version also does not work on any os version below the win 10 anniversary update if i remember right, so the desktop version will be around for a while.

It should be possible to uninstall the store version if you have it installed and download the regular installer (its available on the same website that opens the windows store page) www.spotify.com/download


this is true if you already had the desktop version when the update come but if you doing a clean install of Windows then the update then Spotify will make you go to the store


I have laptop with spotify desktop version and it works great but when i redid my brother’s desktop yesterday and uninstalled the store version 20 x and install different versions of Spotify it would still ever over to the store version


I haven’t done a clean install in a while so that could be true… Not a whole lot i can do about that unfortunately, its a 3rd party - unofficial addon.

But the good news is that i have a workaround that will work great once i have the time to complete it.