Equalify Pro 1.1.0 Beta available


The beta is over, Download the latest stable release and enable the beta opt-in in the client to receive early builds of future releases.

If you want to test the latest features before everyone else or just want to help with the development of Equalify Pro the beta for Equalify Pro 1.1.0 is now available in the members area of the website (scroll down near the bottom)

Once you have the beta version installed you should go to Settings->misc and check the Beta build opt-in checkbox to keep getting beta builds pushed to you as soon as new builds ara available

Keep in mind though; Beta/Development versions can be unstable!
The reason for having a beta version is to find bugs before its released to everyone. So if you opt-in for the beta versions you must be prepared for crashes and be prepared to help fix the issues via the forum. Feedback from everyone using the beta versions are invaluable, so PLEASE take the time to make a post if you find issues, bugs or just have ideas!

I hope some of you will find this interesting. It will help the development a lot! :grinning:

This version fixes a lot of bugs including licensing issues (which is one of the major things that needs testing)
Most of the changes are behind the scenes, so not much new will be visible.ยจ

Some of the non-visible changes:
- The activation system has been completely rewritten to fix issues where people are not able to activate(VERY few people) and to fix issues where people have to re-activate multiple times.
- A lot of minor and major fixes for bugs that has been reported the first couple of months
- A couple notable fixes include the double-right-click on a band and clicking an item in the menu crash and a crash when trying to switch the output device to one that is not supported.

Some of the visible changes:
- It adds some built in presets.
- Theres now a right click menu on the presets to rename or delete them
- You can now overwrite existing presets
- Built-in presets can be disabled from the settings box

The activation issue is what has taken up most of my time for 1.1 once this is out i expect new updates to come faster with new features.
If you have any ideas for new features please post them here: http://community.equalify.me/c/ideas-new-features

This announcement can be discussed here: http://community.equalify.me/c/beta

Looking for Preset Values
After Spotify Updates Equalify Activation required
Built-in Presets (implemented)