Equalify on Windows Server 2012

setting EQ does not work on Windows Server 2012. Sadly, Windows Server 2012 sounds best with my high-end setup with USB Audio.
Existing presets work though, so the problem is only related to displaying and controlling the EQ settings. Would it be possible to transfer the EQ settings from my other Win10 computer to the Win 2012 Server?
I am quite teechnically skilled and I gladly accept also very technical suggestion …


You can go to the %appdata%/equalify folder and copy the equalify2.eq file to the same folder on your 2012 server machine.

I can not understand why it doesn’t work on 2012 server though.
Double-click anywhere to add a band and drag it around?

I’d love to see a video of the issue and more details, maybe its something i can fix :slight_smile:

I restarted the Spotify and all seems to be ok now.
Sorry, probably a temporary issue only


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