Equalify not working

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Problem description:
Spotify wont play music when Equalify is installed. It was working then just stopped.

Operating system:
windows 10

Asus xonar pheobus

Spotify version
Newest one

Equalify Pro version

Razer Taimat 7.1 Voicemeeter Banana

Hi by the way, I should also mention when Equalify is installed it sort of skips through the music tracks in the bottom left hand corner on spotify.

Could be an issue with your voicemeeter settings.

Try reading through this post and see if anything there helps:

Also try using different outputs in the device changer in Equalify to see which output isnt working.

Hi Notrace. Equalify wont even boot into spotify even If I change from voicemeeter to speakers. So I cant get into the software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I`m still having the issue that equaliffy wont load in.

You could try this for your xonar issue:

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