Equalify not starting

Problem description:
Equalify isn’t starting up after following installation directions. I tried installing and reinstalling both multiple times. I’m not sure if the Windows Store Version is the same as the Microsoft Store Version, but if so, I tried using the links from other topics to download the non-store version of Spotify, but it still gives me the Microsoft Store Version. I also tried to do the Spotify Windows Store removal, it still didn’t work.

Operating system:
windows 10


Spotify version (Microsoft Store version)

Equalify Pro version
Not sure. the app isn’t opening

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
Sennheiser Audio 1.15

Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system
USB Headset Sennheiser GSP 350


Yes, Microsoft and Windows store are the same version.

The Spotify Windows Store removal thread should work if you follow the instructions. The important part is to run powershell as Administrator.

You can also try running this additional command:
Get-AppXProvisionedPackage -online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online
after running:
Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers *Spotify* | Remove-AppxPackage

Make sure you shut down Spotify (file->exit) before following the steps.

Please give it one last shot, and if it doesn’t work we can refund your purchase!

I’ve done it multiple times now, and retried again after seeing your reply. It still reverts back to Microsoft Store Version and all the files in the Spotify folder disappear after deleting the migrator. I really want to get this app to work since I use Spotify a lot on my PC and I want some EQ controls for my music. Are there any other workarounds for this?

The steps outlined in the pinned post is the only thing that has worked reliably for almost everyone that has tried it.

I mean, you could try the trick in this post Spotify Windows Store removal (the last post in that thread)

It will block the migrator permanently from running, which should let you at least install the non-store version and use it… But, since that method is modifying the windows registry, you have to do it at your own risk.

Unfortunately this is an issue with how Spotify is bundled with some versions of windows, and it makes it very hard to remove in any other way.

I don’t understand how it’s not working for me but it did for others though. I followed the instructions step by step, but it still automatically reverts to the store version.

I did the registry thing as well and followed the instructions from another thread about the error popping up when you launch, the error still appears after doing all the instructions, but now I do have the desktop version of Spotify.

I can honestly say that i do not fully understand why the removal doesnt seem to work for some people.
It should, in theory work for everyone.

After doing the registry thing, do you get an error message every time you launch Spotify now?
if so, you can revert the changes by opening the .reg file and changing the "


and restart machine for changes to take effect.
But if you do that will most likely just make Spotify revert to the store version.

I’m afraid i just dont have any other good ideas. Microsoft/spotify will have to fix this issue. And since spotify is paying microsoft to be bundled with windows i doubt that will ever happen…

Its up to you what you want to do with the purchase. Just let me know if you want to cancel and refund.

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