Equalify Not Showing Up In Spotify

So i have installed equalify while spotify has been closed i have tried uninstalling equalify and spotify numerous times but the result is the same. I don’t have any equalizer button in spotify and don’t know how to resolve this problem.

Hello @RhintuNZ. I have to ask this even if it sounds stupid, but have you tried playing a song after installing Equalify and starting Spotify?

If you have(and you probably have…) have you made sure you do not have any of the programs on the following list installed, or any of the soundcards mentioned:


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I experience the same issue. Equalify does not show up.
My sound card is AMD HD Audio Device on Windows 10.

@papombo Have you checked everything in the previous post ? 9 out of 10 times one of those is the cause.
Also, have you made sure you installed it properly?

  1. Shut down Spotify
  2. Make sure you uninstall any old Equalify version you might have
  3. Install Equalify Pro to the same folder as spotify ( usually
    %appdata%/Spotify )
  4. Start spotify
  5. Play a song

Alright, it worked. I had missed playing a song. Sorry for the bother ha ha!

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@papombo, Haha, No problem! glad it worked out! :slight_smile:

Hey yeah so i have uninstalled previous versions, closed spotify, installed equalify pro and played a song still nothing - Windows 7 not sure how to find out what motherboard i have in my desktop but i dont have a separate sound card.

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