Equalify Not Showing Up in Spotify 4/24/2020

Hi All,

I had Equalify installed and it was working fine with Spotify premium app, not the windows store version.

I recently downgraded my Spotify subscription to free and Equalify vanished

Since then, I have upgraded back to Spotify premium and Equalify isn’t showing.

I have uninstalled Equalify and reinstalled it as a trouble shoot.

windows 10 all updates, latest version.

Additionally, I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled it. Still not showing.


It has nothing to do with downgrading from Spotify premium to free. Equalify doesn’t know or care if you are using the premium or free version and will work regardless.

So there must be something else thats the problem.
I can see that it was last used on your account yesterday, anything changed since then?

I assume you have actually played music when testing, right? Equalify only loads when music is played.

I’m logged in right now actually. Don’t recall seeing it yesterday to be honest. but I can confirm it was there a week ago.

and there is nothing in here: Incompatible hardware and software that screams out at you ?


Yes. I am playing music right now and it’s not showing.

Negative. All looks good. No hardware and software screaming at me. LOL.

Just did a reboot of my system and it’s still not showing. Hmmm…

I know you said you arent using the windows store version, but can you check again just to be sure. it installs itself automatically without notification sometimes. Help->about

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Equalify is showing now after a few restarts of Spotify.

Thanks for your fast response and great EQ tool!


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Lets hope it shows up again every time from now on :slight_smile:

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