Equalify not opening any new window

Problem description:
I’ve installed Equalify, the installation folder is appdata/roaming/spotify, i’ve checked it so many times. While checking i noticed that in the Equalify folder there is not any settings file such as “equalify2.eq”, and that sounds so strange to me.
Anyway, my problem is: there is the Equalify green icon into Spotify, but, if i click on it with the left mouse button it disappears and i have to click on the blank space to make it visible again. If i click on it with the right mouse button nothing happens.

Operating system:
Windows 10 64bit

MSI 970 Gaming integrated sound card

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
2.5.3 FREE

I’m afraid the free version of Equalify has not been maintained or supported for almost 2 years.

It was unmaintined for a while and stopped working when spotify released their new client 1.0.x back in jan/feb 2015.

The only version of Equalify that works and is supported is the paid version that is available on the equalify.me website.

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I recently purchased the basic version of Equalify pro and it is not opening up in spotify.

It was installed in the correct places

Payment ID: 197012302267036

@Gthompson Have you tried to play a song?

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