Equalify not active when other windows active

Problem description:
This issue has been occurring over several versions of equalify and spotify, not sure if it’s windows 10 specific or not, but equalify will sound great when spotify is the active window. As soon as I click into chrome, Outlook, Word, or any other program, the sound goes back to its non-equalized version. As soon as i click spotify, the sound changes back to equalized as long as spotify is the top/active window. Interestingly enough, if I go to the tray and right click the spotify icon to bring up the minimize/exit option, equalify is active again until I click away. Suggestions?

Operating system:
windows 10

Realtek HD audio

Spotify version
1.0.75, but problem existed on 1.0.74 as well

Equalify Pro version
1.4.0, was on 1.1.6 this morning and the issue occurs there as well.

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

Sounds odd, and that shouldn’t be possible at all.
Once Equalify is loaded all the audio in Spotify goes through it and there is no way for windows or other apps to change that without restarting Spotify. There is also nothing in Equalify that checks if the window is active or not. So to be absolutely honest - i have no idea.

Any chance you could use an extreme filter (to make the issue more audible) and capture a video of it happening ?

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